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Industial air transfer systems,air moving fans and blowers, air knives, air canons, air curtian, dust collectors,scrubbers,fume exhausters.
We supply  industrial ventilation systems, ventilation air-knives,air moving equipment,air transfer systems, air knife blowers, industrial dust collectors, fume extractors and scrubbers sales.  Northern Integrated Systems Co. manufacture industrial process air mooving ventilation systems, ventilating air-knife system, dust collection and fume extraction systems,process air-curtains.

Sale of industrial process air-knives,air-canons,air-curtains.  We supply high velocity air knife systems with air nozzles for process blow-off, cooling, conveyor belt cleaning.

We supply custom industrial ventilation systems, air and gas transfer systems, process air moving equipment.. Sale of fan blower air high temperaturte air-moving ventilators.

We design and engineer custom industrial process ventilation systems,  dust collection systems, fume extractors, scrubeers and dust collectors. Sale of package dust collector fan blower system.

We supply industrial process ventilation systems, scrubbers, dust collectors,fume extractors,air moving fans, blowers, ventilators.

Sale of fume extractor,dust collector,scrubber and air moving fan,blower,ventilator system.

Sale of air dampers,valves with electric, peumatic modulating actuators.

Sale of industrial air handling units, gas-fired AHU. Wea supply industrial air moving air handling fan blower equipment.

Sale of industrial air-curtains,air-knives. We supply industrial air-transfer fans and blowers.

Sale of industrial pressure blowers,fans,air moving systems. We supply heavy-duty industrial ventialtors,air-transfer blowers and fans.

Sales of industrial air moving,air-transfer fan blower equipment. We supply air moving air-knives,air curtians,scrubbers,dust collectors,fume extractors.

Manufacturers of industrial process air moving and ventilation systems.

We manufacture custom industrial ventilation systems, process air knives, dust collection systems.




Canadian Air Systems is a world's leading supplier of rotary vane, rotary lobe & claw type, screw, turbo-molecular vacuum pumps, including: